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General / Thursday, January 11th, 2018

From the moment I became pregnant with my first baby, Lucas, both Mike and I were filled with every emotion imaginable – love, joy, hope, excitement, nerves, and many more. We spent 9 months researching and planning for this little baby boy who would enter our lives. We wanted everything to be perfect – starting with his birth. I looked up every single stage of pregnancy, researched every baby product to a fault before buying or placing in my registry, read about every possible complication, and I even created a “birth plan” . I laugh because what I know now is that you can’t plan childbirth.

Here’s what I was NOT going to do:

  • I was not going to have a C-section.
  • I was not going to have an epidural.
  • I was not going to have Pitocin.
  • I was not going to rush to the hospital the second contractions started.

I wanted a natural childbirth delivered by a midwife in the hospital. I packed a bag filled with items that would make childbirth easier – an exercise ball, cute PJs, soft robe, lavender essential oil and lotion so that I could relax while in the hospital.

What actually happened:

Lucas was born almost a week late. My water broke around 10 PM ET on August 15th while I was writing thank you notes in front of the TV. I had spent the entire day cleaning on my hands and knees. I even shaved down and bathed our dog. The nesting instinct had kicked-in full force!

After my water broke, both Mike and I went into panic mode. We completely forgot about the “not rushing to the hospital” part of the birth plan. I ran upstairs to get ready for the hospital while Mike got my bag. Within minutes we were headed to the hospital, which was an HOUR drive away. Mike literally white knuckled the steering wheel the entire way.

We get to the hospital and I am only 1 cm dilated. Total buzz kill. By the next morning, I was still only at 1 cm so I started walking the hospital halls. From this point on, everything I had planned for went out the window. I ended up needing Pitocin to jump-start my weak contractions, an Epidural to take away the unimaginable pain, and Lucas was even turned the wrong way so my midwife had to turn him right before it was time to push. Lucas Malcolm Jolly was born on August 16, 2007 at 11:56pm ET. He was healthy and beautiful.

Childbirth taught me that there are things in life that cannot be planned. Nature will takes its own course and is on its own schedule. The other thing I learned? It’s all about the people who are with you during childbirth. If it wasn’t for my husband and an incredible team of nurses and midwives who advocated for me, supported me, walked with me, encouraged me, and above all – made sure both my baby and I were healthy – I couldn’t have done it. My labor &delivery nurses were truly amazing. They treated with me with love and kindness and ensured I kept my dignity through a process that is often anything but dignified.

The truth is that nurses play an essential role in facilitating strong relationships between newborns and their parents during the very crucial first minutes, hours and days of life. From holding a mom’s hand during labor and teaching new parents how to change a diaper, to being there for new parents and babies when they were needed most, nurses leave a deep, long-lasting impression through their endless support.

As the #1 Choice of U.S. hospitals*, Pampers Swaddlers wants to recognize and show their appreciation for these exceptional nurses. In collaboration with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN), Pampers has launched the second annual Pampers Swaddlers Thank You Nurses Awards to honor Labor & Delivery nurses, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses and Postpartum nurses around the country.

One nurse in particular that I would like to thank is my sister-in-law, Cori. She checked on me after Lucas was born and most of all – she repeatedly checked in on Lucas who had a little health scare right after the midwife turned him and I started pushing. She was with him during his circumcision and made sure he was comfortable and everything went smoothly. For a new mom, it meant everything to know that my baby was cared for and loved.

My sister-in-law, Cori taking care of Lucas.

Now through January 27, 2017, Pampers is inviting parents, co-workers, family members and friends to nominate and share the story of an extraordinary nurse who provides babies and their families with special touches of love. Anyone who nominates a nurse will receive 10 Pampers Rewards points! To nominate a nurse, please visit and make sure to use #ThankYouNurses on all social posts.

This a sponsored post as a part of my partnership with Pampers, opinions and ideas are 100% my own.





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