4 Websites That Improve Typing Skills for Kids

General / Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Some years back before computers and computerized devices become common, typing skills were generally reserved for office administrators and other officials. It was a world of pen and paper and this was all parents wanted their children to learn.

Things have changed, however, over the years with the advent of computers and computerized devices. These gadgets have become vital components of our lives and kids are now being taught how to type in schools as a regular curriculum. 

If you’re looking to help your kids master their typing skills, these websites are fun, educational, and best of all – free!

  1. Free Typing Game.Net

This site offers various quick games as well as typing challenges customized for children to help kids to be able to learn to type fast. Some of the games to expect on this site include; space invader and keyboard revolution. Most of the typing games that are found on this website are those designed for children who are aged at least 12 years up. The games here help to enhance the child’s typing speed per minute.

  1. Games-Learn to Type for Kids

This site has got a couple of typing games suited for the young kids. It is a good site if you want your kid to increase the words he/she types per minute. There are typing games here that also can help to sharpen your child’s general typing skills. There are flash games here where the child will be required to only type a certain letter at the desired time. Some of the games to find here include dance mat typing and cup stacking. Cup stacking is a kind of game that prompts the child playing it to type certain letters in a given order to complete a stack of cups there.

There are video games to be found on this site as well and all these are designed to help increase the child’s speed at typing.

  1. BBC Typing Game

BBC Typing Game in itself is a game but it is found on the BBC website. It is designed to help improve a child’s typing skills. In the beginning, the child will be asked to find where F and J are and then the child will be told why placing his/her hand on letters is required. There are other typing skills tutorials that the child will be exposed to such as the proper way to move the fingers while typing.

  1. Kidstyping.org

This is another interesting website that features kids typing games such as type revolution, key-man, keyboard climber 2, the typing of the ghosts, and dance mat typing. All these are resourceful typing games that will help sharpen your kid’s typing skills. You have the option to choose from the games available one that you will feel is best for your kid. It is interesting to note that all the typing games found on this site are free.

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